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TOC Consulting:

What is the "Theory of Constraints"?  The Theory of Constraints is a thinking process that has as a central philosophy cause and effect relationships.  It takes a critical look at what is constraining an organization from achieving its desired result, and uses a prescribed, repeatable, methodology to overcome what is constraining.

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) applies the cause-and-effect thinking processes used in the hard sciences to understand and improve all systems, but particularly, organizations

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) consists of three parts:

  1. A set of problem-solving tools - called the TOC Thinking Processes (TP) - to logically and systematically answer the three questions essential to any process of on-going improvement: "What to change?", "To what to change to?" and "How to cause the change?";
  2. A set of daily management tools - taken from the TOC Thinking Processes - that can be used to significantly improve vital management skills, such as communication, effecting change, team building and empowerment; and,

  3. Innovative, proven solutions created by applying the TOC Thinking Processes to specific application areas, such as Production (as introduced in The Goal by Eli Goldratt), Distribution (as discussed in Its Not Luck, by Eli Goldratt), Marketing and Sales (as discussed in Its Not Luck), Project Management, and Setting The Direction of The Company, to name only a few.

Custom Design and Manufacturing
Do you have a part that needs designing and manufacturing, but don't know how to get that accomplished?  Let our team design and manufacture your custom part for you.
Business Process Consulting
How do you apply the theory of constraints to business operations?  How do we look at the business in order to make things more effective?  What do our customers need?  What do we need? Asking why and picking apart that answer often uncovers waste that made sense to someone at some point but today does not add value to your business.  Let us ask those questions and help you determine what to change, and what to change to.
Construction Inspection, Testing, and Commissioning
Issues with your Air Conditioning?  Heat not working?  Hot Sport? Cold Spots?  Energy Bills too high? Most mechanical systems are not used to their capacity, nor designed to operate effectively - most are designed so the builder does not get a callback.  Let us take a look and design a solution that works for you, the customer.
Computer System Setup and Operations
Need help getting that wireless network up and running?  Have a question about how to get your word template formatted for use by multiple users? These and most PC based questions can be resolved.

Government Grant Writing
Grants from the federal government are available for many businesses.  How do you find funding for that project that you know will be a viable economic driver someday, but just don't have the funding to dedicate at the moment?  The government is here to help.


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