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Step By Step instructions for replacing the Stator after the modification has been completed

Remove the right hand side cover (Generator Cover) to expose the wiring harness and bullet connectors for the stator wiring

Loosen the single bolt in the transmission cover holding the bracket that secures the stator (3 yellow) wires, allowing the wiring harness to be unsecured from its routing path

Remove the existing 3 screws securing the outside generator cover (COVER-GENERATOR,OUTSI as it is referred to by Kawasaki in their parts diagram)

Unscrew and remove the 2 ignition coil pickup leads

Remove the assembly

Unbolt the stator

Cut the wires for from the stator - NOTE - leave enough of the old wire wire to allow you to attach the new wires and 'fish' them back through the rubber grommet in the engine cover and the protective plastic sheathing leading back to the connections to the wiring harness

Attach the new wires to the old (I have been told a 'linesman' knot works best for this, but I am having a difficult time finding an example or a picture of this knot)

Re-feed the wiring

Bolt the new stator to the insert

Press fit the assembled insert and rotor back into the case, aligning the the 3 holes in the insert with the corresponding 3 threaded screw holes

install the 3 screws holding outside generator cover

Reroute the wiring

Reattach the bolt

Check for shorts

Attach the new wires to the wiring harness


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